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ODE 17 – How To Use Psychology To Boost Your Optical Sales

Yes Ladder Escalation is a well known psychological phenomenon that can help your optical staff triple sales, increase patient care and foster employee fulfillment. Optical sales are not the only time this technique should be used.  Doctors must also sell patients on the importance of various treatment protocols.   Implement these techniques today and tell [...]

ODE 022: Dr. Gonzalez reveals his FB engagement secrets.

Dr. Agustin Gonzales reveals how he engages his fans when he posts on facebook for business.   Listen to how he drops pearl after pearl of fb wisdom.   Don’t forget to get early access to his platform and learn how to engage and win with facebook @ www.odentrepreneur.com/socialod If you haven’t yet.. get early access [...]

ODE 021 Creating Value In Your Optometry Practice

How to Create Perceived Value for Your Optometry Brand. Here we talk about some quick and easy ways to lift up the perception of your optometry brand.     How to Add a “Like Box” to Your Optometry Website.                               1. [...]

ODE 020 Kirk Parker

Dr Kirk Parker: PCO Optometry Dr. Kirk Parker – goes from costco to private practice and killing it. Don’t Miss Another Interview Subscribe on iTunes Here @ ODEntrepreneur.com/itunes Sponsors Just Like Paper EHR don’t accept the electronic health records status quo, SIGN UP to be a beta tester and Idea builder for a whole new [...]

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