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ODE: 007 Dr. Jim Thimons Reveals the Secret of Ophthalmic Practice Success

Dr Jim Thimons: The Ohio State Univ. – Optometry class of 78

This is what years of practice building looks like… 5 doctors in 3 centers.  Dr. Jim Thimons tells about how his business journey led him to creating a medical model ophthalmic referral center that exemplifies ophthalmic practice success.

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Success Quote

  • “When times are easy anyone can be successful, when times are tough is when talent can rise up”-Jim Thimons Click To Tweet:

Business Failure

  • “Choosing the wrong partner.” [not having an air tight document how to exit a partnership]

Growing a Practice

  • Finding the right location that allows success, and let the success develop around you,
  • “Build it and they will come”
  • Work with passion

Small Business Resource

  • Recall system … Coming Soon…
  • Billing Service … Coming Soon…

Best Business Book

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Best Business Advice

  • “If you like what you do nothing with bother you, If you don’t like what you do everything will bother you”


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