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ODE 018 – Facebook Famous Formula for the OD Pre Launch

The Facebook Famous Formula for Optometry “Learn How to add 100’s of patients to your practice in 30 days”


We’ve pulled the exact formula that multi-billion dollar companies use to make dump truck loads of money off of Facebook marketing campaigns and simplified it for you the OD Entrepreneur!

If you take action and pre register at www.ODEntrepreneur.com/fb we are going to let you be part of the process and get direct access to us as we split test different ad’s and share our exact results as we build the Facebook Famous Formula product.  This step by step guide will hold you by the hand as you and your practice become celebrities in your town using Facebook advertising…. stay tuned for more secrets and insights!


P.S. What exactly are your most burning questions when it comes to marketing your practice on Facebook? What are you most afraid of? Most confused about? Most anxious to learn?

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