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ODE: 007 Dr. Jim Thimons Reveals the Secret of Ophthalmic Practice Success

Dr Jim Thimons: The Ohio State Univ. – Optometry class of 78 This is what years of practice building looks like… 5 doctors in 3 centers.  Dr. Jim Thimons tells about how his business journey led him to creating a medical model ophthalmic referral center that exemplifies ophthalmic practice success. Don’t Miss Another Interview Subscribe [...]

ODE 005: Dr. Joe Ross Goes Deep Into How His Hobby Helped Build His Practice.

Dr Joe Ross: ICO Optometry Class of ’72 Our friend takes a seat behind the mic, meet Dr. Joe Ross as he dives into how he differentiated his practice by writing and taking a different approach to patient care at his practice Holistic Vision Care. Don’t Miss Another Interview Subscribe on iTunes Here @ ODEntrepreneur.com/itunes [...]

ODE: 004 Meet Alan Glazier – Successful private practice & founder of the largest social network of OD’s

Dr Alan Glazier: NECO Optometry Dr. Alan Glazier drops serious knowledge about how internet marketing blew up his private practice & his risk taking paid off.  Listen as he details hi rise to being named vision Monday’s “Most Influential OD of the Year” and much more. Don’t Miss Another Interview Subscribe on iTunes Here @ [...]

ODE 003: Meet Dr. Gary Gerber – Host of Optometry’s Only Live Radio Show – The Power Hour

  Dr Gary Gerber: SUNY Optometry – 1982 Dr. Gary Gerber is optometry’s most in demand practice building consultant. His own optometry practice was among the top 1% of practices in the world and located in one of the most competitive ophthalmic marketplaces in the United States. Dr. Gerber is also a contributing editor for [...]

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