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Student Questions

1. In your, opinion based off your experience now, for those students who struggled in optics, did it reflect poorly on their ability to refract and prescribe? – Rudyna Beydoun

2. Which do you think was the most valuable class when it came to working in the real world? – Rudyna Beydoun

3. Coming from a small school such as IAUPR, that at times some people say they never heard Of it, did you find it difficult to find work? Did you feel as if there was more competition? – Gianinna Saa

4. Did you or your peers find full time employment or part time employment immediately after graduation? Which would be best? Why? – Adam English

5. Did you do a residency? What was the most beneficial part of it? How helpful was it when finding work? – Brittni Rodriguez

6. Are you thinking about applying for a fellowship or are you already in the process of applying for one? What your reason for doing so? – Brittni Rodriguez

7. Did you come across many places or doctors that were reluctant in hiring a fresh new graduate? – Bhajneet Kaur

8. Do most doctors get paid by day or by patient? And what is the average pay if it is per patient or per day? – Biana Gekht

9. When choosing where to practice after graduation, does it seem like most people like to go back to their home towns? – Natali Iglesias

10. Did you use all the equipment you bought while in school after graduation (for example, everything in the trial lens kit and BIO)? – Ariette Acevedo

11. What do you suggest we do during the summer so we could improve our skills and prepare for next year/semester? – Suzanna Wolski

12. Did you feel like you use all the knowledge you learned from school once you found work or do you feel like you learned more on the job? – Lai Pang

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